Working with the Dutch

• Offers you access to our extensive agricultural knowhow, expertise and technology

• Supports you through a complete chain approach, adapted to local circumstances, in different agricultural sectors

• Enables enhanced production quality and efficiency in processing and storage

• Results in less food wastage, higher production and lower production costs


Strengthening roots through alliances

The Netherlands is a low-lying densely populated country, known for our efficient, comprehensive and sustainable farms and farming methods. We are the world’s second largest exporter of agri and food products and in 2016 our total agricultural exports were worth over 85 billion euros. Aside from exports, we have an established knowledge base in a broad range of sectors such as dairy, floriculture, fruits & vegetables and food processing to name a few.

Frontrunner in agriculture
We achieved our frontrunner position in agriculture through a constant process of innovation. In the so-called Dutch Integrated Approach, the private sector, the government and research institutes work together to find innovative solutions to make optimal use of the limited available resources. Our world-renowned research institutes address the demands from the private sector, while the government assures an enabling environment.

Natural partner
These factors lay the foundation to form alliances with India. India is the largest producer of dairy and spices. The country furthermore ranks second in production of cotton, potato, grain, fish, vegetables and fruits and is a major poultry nation.With over a billion people to feed and an expanding middle class, challenges with regard to food security, higher hygiene demands and chain management become more and more relevant. We, as The Netherlands, are a natural partner in the development of a sustainable Indian agriculture sector.

Our mission: easing business, increasing growth

The Netherlands enables a complete chain approach, addressing all vital aspects of the agriculture sector. For this, the Netherlands Embassyand Dutch companies work closely with Indian partners to achieve a higher quality, higher quantity and more profitable Indian agriculture sector. If you are interested to participate in developing the Indian agriculture sector or contact relevant partners, we suggest you contact us at the Netherlands Embassy. We aim to connect Dutch and Indian partners in different ways.

Trade fairs
Dutch organizations specializing in various aspects of agriculture and technology showcase their technologies at Holland Pavilions set up at different trade fairs across India.

Search for Dutch partner firms
The Agricultural Department of The Embassy of The Netherlands supports Dutch companies to visit India and establish business relations which lead to technology and knowledge sharing.

Promote India in the Netherlands
We share events and updates of the Indian agricultural sector in The Netherlands and help Indian companies and policy makers to interact directly with Dutch companies.

Connect via internet
We are active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Our website is updated regularly and provides the latest news and information about Indo-Dutch relations, projects and results.