Dutch Dairy Cluster India

India possesses an enormous, untapped potential in the dairy industry. The Dutch Dairy Cluster India (DDCI), a strategic partnership between Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and the government, aims to forge long-term partnerships with Indian stakeholders to unlock these vast capabilities.

The DDCI does so by combining the world famous Dutch dairy expertise with local Indian knowledge. In co-creation, India and the Netherlands will develop a profitable dairy sector.


Our solutions

• Offer products and services of world-class quality
• Foster partnerships with Indian players built on cooperatives
• Share Dutch knowledge and approaches, attuned to the Indian market and context
• Offer a complete chain approach of the dairy industry, leading to higher food-security, food-quality and profitability
• Share high quality R&D
• Offer high-tech dairy chain input such as animal feed, genetics, herd management, hygienic conditions, machinery and professional training

The DDCI would very much like to engage with:

• Middle-sized farmers with 10 to 100 dairy cattle
• Large-scale farmers with more than 100 dairy cattle
• Cooperatives (production and processing)
• Privately-run companies (production and processing)
• State governments and agricultural universities
• Centres of Expertise (field staff and extension workers)

Contact DDCI

Victor Eveleens, Director NAFTC India
T +91 98 11 24 42 39
E v.eveleens@nxt-group.email

Harsh Kumar, Liaison NAFTC India
T +91 85 27 78 42 73
E harsh@naftc-india.com

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Department of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

T +91 11 24 19 76 00
E nde-lnv@minbuza.nl

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